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The New York Approved Senior Network

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      Keeping a Checklist May Help Mom Stay on Track for Her Recovery

      By Beth McNeill-Muhs | May 26, 2017

      Your mother was hospitalized relatively recently and is facing a potentially lengthy recovery process. The last thing you or anyone else in the family wants is for her to end up back in the hospital before long. That would probably be technically called a hospital readmission, at least if she were readmitted within 30 days…

      What Rights Do Seniors with Alzheimer’s Relinquish When Needing Help?

      By Kevin Watkins | May 24, 2017

      How much of your own personal life, the rights that you have inherent to you, would you be willing to give up if you required a significant level of support and assistance in the future? Most people might admit they wouldn’t want to give up any of their rights, yet when somebody has been diagnosed…

      A Simple Family Checklist for a Loved One Returning from a Hospitalization

      By Stephen Sternbach | May 22, 2017

      Any family who is expecting a loved one to be discharged from the hospital soon will likely be encouraged by the doctor to have proper support on hand. If family is expecting an elderly parent to be discharged from the hospital, the last thing they want is for them to be readmitted. Following doctor’s instructions…

      Seniors Have the Right to Be Safe at Home

      By Patricia Coffie, RN, MFA | May 19, 2017

      Many people talk about having equal rights. They discuss this with regard to many different situations and capacities. For the elderly, they certainly have rights that are easy to overlook, especially when their loved ones are concerned about their safety. To help keep seniors safer within the comfort of their home, there are numerous things…

      The Difference Between Home Care and Home Health Care Options

      By Beth McNeill-Muhs | April 26, 2017

      Within the realm of home care support services, it’s easy to get confused about the various options available. A lot of people get confused when the terms ‘home care’ and ‘home health care’ are used almost interchangeably. The two are very similar, but the term health actually focuses on something a little bit more than…

      Three Common Mistakes Seniors Make When Discharged Following Pneumonia

      By Patricia Coffie, RN, MFA | April 19, 2017

      Dealing with pneumonia is critical. It doesn’t matter how old a person is; if they take pneumonia too lightly, they run the risk of serious health issues, including a potentially life-threatening situation. For seniors, it is even more crucial to have pneumonia dealt with properly because of a weaker immune system that occurs as people get…

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