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The New York Approved Senior Network

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      Ways to Convince an Aging Senior to at Least Consider Home Care Support Services

      By Stephen Sternbach | February 21, 2018

      Some people seem to be stubborn. Perhaps you’ve noticed this with your elderly mother or father or possibly a grandparent, spouse, or sibling. You see the writing on the wall. You know they would be much better off and safer if they just relied on home care services. You’ve done your research. You know about…

      5 Tips to Reduce the Risk that Someone with Pneumonia Ends Up Back in the Hospital

      By Jennifer Benjamin | February 19, 2018

      Spending any time in the hospital because of pneumonia can be frustrating as well as frightening. The older a person is, the more dangerous pneumonia can be. For an elderly individual, if the medications and treatments doctors are prescribing are working, they will eventually be discharged and sent home. However, this isn’t the end of…

      Don’t Rely Only on Social Media to Keep Seniors Safe at Home

      By Beth McNeill-Muhs | January 29, 2018

      Social media is a phenomenon. You have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the list is almost endless. Hundreds of millions of people are connected through social media across the country and around the world. This is one of the primary ways people stay in touch with family and friends. Where it used to be phone…

      How to Know If the Home Care Aide or Senior Is ‘Right’

      By Kevin Watkins | January 26, 2018

      There’s been some conflict recently between that senior in your life and a home care aide. You knew that home care was a great option and while it may have taken some time to convince the senior to consider it, you believe it’s been well worth the effort. Right now, though, there is a dispute.…

      When It Seems Like No One Cares About an Elderly Veteran, There Are Those Who Do

      By Stephen Sternbach | January 24, 2018

      There are plenty of reasons why people assume veterans, especially elderly veterans, are forgotten. As some of these men and women get older, their family might have moved away, their spouse may have passed away, and their friends can succumb to the natural process of aging as well. They may spend more time alone, ultimately…

      It’s Possible for Elderly Veterans to Stay Positive, even If They Can’t Afford the Home Care They Need

      By Jennifer Benjamin | January 22, 2018

      Struggling to take care of yourself can be frustrating, to say the least. For an elderly veteran who was once a strong, independent, and took care of their family and even friends, getting older is going to be difficult, just as it will be for most people. When they start having trouble getting up and…

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