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4 Ways to Help Mom Get Organized and Reduce Stress as a Caregiver

Family Caregiver Tips in Southampton NY

Being disorganized can affect life in many different ways. For any of the estimated 44 million family caregivers supporting aging or disabled loved ones in the United States (according to the Family-Caregiver-Tips-Southampton-NYAARP) it’s important that they have organization in their life. If they don’t it can directly influence an increase in caregiver stress.

If you’re helping your aging mother with various tasks around the house and you are constantly wasting time trying to find various things and information, it can cause a great deal more frustration and a lot more stress in your everyday life.

Here are four ways you can actually help your mother get more organized this month. October is Organize Your Medical Information Month and while having medical information readily available is important for people of all ages, it’s just one part of a larger equation upon which to focus.

1. Get a file cabinet.

If your mother is one of those people who has a tendency to put important documents in boxes in the bottom of the closet, it’s time for her to invest in a small file cabinet. You can purchase an aluminum file cabinet for approximately $40 new, and maybe only five dollars or so for a used one.

If your mother prefers something a bit more appealing, she can consider a wood finished file cabinet, but a two drawer cabinet will likely cost close to $100 or more, at a minimum.

2. Rely on plenty of hanging folders.

When you get a file cabinet don’t hesitate to purchase many boxes of hanging file folders and manila folders. It’s better to have more than to try and use one hanging file for many different things. Separate everything into easily recognizable topics.

Medical info for 2015 can be one topic, for example. Tax information for 2014 would be another hanging file.

3. Keep all necessary phone contact information in a centrally located place in the house.

Nothing is worse than trying to find the doctor’s phone number because your mother isn’t sure if she has an appointment now or not. If you keep a list of all important phone numbers on the refrigerator, for example, that reduces caregiver stress.

4. Keep the house clean.

Your mother may not be able to maintain cleanliness in her home as well as she used to, and if you don’t have time to help her out that much, consider hiring a cleaning service.

The cleaner the home, the easier it is to find things when you need it and that can help reduce caregiver stress.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional caregivers in Southampton, NY, call the caring staff at Artful Home Care today at 631-685-5001.


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Beth McNeill-Muhs

Beth McNeill-Muhs has been an active member of the East End community since 1998. After graduating from Long Island University in Southampton, Beth began working with some of the Hamptons most prominent living artists and developed affiliations with the communities leading creative arts organizations and institutions, such as the Guild Hall Museum, Parrish Art Museum, Watermill Center and more. After many years in the field of fine art Beth began to understand the importance of art as a tool for healing, as well as an opportunity to engage the mind and transform the way we live and think.