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5 Warning Signs That Mom Needs Help at Home

Home Care for Seniors in Brooklyn NY

It can certainly be difficult witnessing an aging parent, such as your mother, beginning to struggle with her own basic care. Sometimes, though, it’s even more difficult understanding when she may actually need to hire a home care aide as opposed to relying on you for support and assistance.

Home Care for Seniors in Brooklyn NYThere are an estimated 44 million family caregivers in the United States (Forbes), but whether you live close enough to be a direct family caregiver or not, an experienced home care aide is a far better option to consider. There are plenty reasons for that, but right now, let’s look at five signs that may very well indicate your mother could benefit from a home care aide.

Warning Sign #1: She’s fallen.

If your mother has fallen but escaped injury, you can certainly count your blessings, but you don’t want that to happen again. There are plenty of reasons why she may have fallen. It could have been a simple accident. However, it could also be the result of diminished strength and balance, which is not going to improve.

Warning Sign #2: Her home is unclean.

The last time you visited her, you might have noticed just how filthy her house had become. This is completely out of character for her, and it’s usually a pretty good sign that she’s simply having difficulty vacuuming, dusting, or even doing the laundry.

Warning Sign #3: Poor hygiene.

If your mother doesn’t look clean or as though she’s not taking care of her personal hygiene like she used to, she might be nervous getting into and out of the shower because of balance related issues. She might need help, but doesn’t want to ask you because that could create an uncomfortable situation for one or both of you.

Warning Sign #4: She’s calling you often.

Whether you live in the same town, an hour away, or much farther, if she’s calling you more often lately, is it because she needs assistance? Or is it because she needs companionship? In either of these situations, a home care aide can be a valuable asset.

Warning Sign #5: She’s been hospitalized.

If your mother has been hospitalized, she will eventually, hopefully, be discharged and sent home. She will probably have a period of time for recovery. During this recovery process, she will need physical and possibly even emotional support.

By discussing the prospect of hiring a home care aide, you’re putting her in the best situation to maintain a high quality of life, stay active, and be safe.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring home care services in Brooklyn, NY, please contact the caring staff at Kingsbridge Home Healthcare Services. Call today!   347-289-7118

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Danielle Parchment

Danielle Parhment is the Administrator at Kingsbridge Home Healthcare Services. Kingsbridge Home Healthcare Services is a senior care service located in Brooklyn New York. We believe relationship building is our strongest asset and makes the difference in the care we deliver. The owners have been caregivers withing our community for 25+ years and understand the transitional process and support needed by families when searching of home care services.

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