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The Many Benefits of Supporting Mom at Home When She Has Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Care Hicksville NY

Alzheimer's Care Hicksville NY

The day could have been blue skies and a perfect temperature. You might have planned the perfect beach day with your children, spouse, or friends. Suddenly, as you’re packing up the car the phone chirped from the kitchen counter. You recognized the number, of course; it was your dad. For a moment you thought about letting it go to voicemail but decided to hit the ‘answer’ button.

Minutes later the world felt darker. The sky just wasn’t shining like it used to. Your mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Discovering the realities of this disease. 

Looking back on that day, it could all seem so drab, less full of life, and foreboding. You cancelled the trip, of course, and went over to see your mother and father right away.

If you were feeling like a heavy iron plate had landed on your life, you can only imagine what they must be feeling like. They needed your support and that thought would end up repeating itself over and over for years to come.

They (she) need your support. 

Family is often a great emotional support system, but it’s not the only thing someone diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia is going to need. Your mother is going to require more and more care as the weeks roll into months and then drift into years.

You don’t have any experience with Alzheimer’s, but you love your mother. Love, feelings of guilt, and even a sense of responsibility are often the driving factors for people to begin caring for aging loved ones.

Staying home. 

You may have discussed various options with your father, but your mother has been adamant she wants to spend the rest of her life at home. There are great benefits to that, as long as she receives the right level of care and support, such as from an experienced home care aide.

  • Benefit 1 is comfort. As memory loss grows more significant, your mother will have more difficulty being comfortable. Being surrounded by familiar things can certainly help.
  • Benefit 2 is safety. When she knows the layout of her home, there’s less risk of her running into something or tripping, as long as open walking areas remain free and clear.
  • Benefit 3 is the memory she has of her home. There are probably plenty of pictures, wall art, photo albums, and keepsakes that remind her of moments throughout her life. Having these out in the open can help her remember, walking through memory lane, and that will help boost mental stimulation, an integral part of Alzheimer’s care.

If you or an aging loved one are considering professional in-home health care services in Hicksville NY please contact the caring staff at Gentle Hands Home Care LLC. Call today! 347-809-4407.

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Doreen Johnson

I have been the Administrator/Owner of Gentle Hands Home Care since its inception in 2012. I chose to work in this industry because I am passionate and believe strongly in facilitating safe, independent living for the elderly in the privacy of their own home. I love working in the New York area due to the diversity of the population and I personally enjoy the love and passion of being able to care for our Elderly population. It has always been a long term goal for me to provide adequate care, comfort, and companionship for our aging population. My passion, and life experiences provide the backbone for the core objective of Gentle Hands Home Care, which is to provide the best services with caring, experienced, and compassionate caregivers, not because you are a client but because you are family.

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