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Hearing Loss and Its Impact on Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s Care in Southampton NY

Hearing loss can affect people of all ages, but the risks increase as a person gets older. For people who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, they may already be dealing with a number ofAlzheimer’s-Care-in-Southampton-NY challenges in life.

Some of these challenges could have to do with comfort, functionality with daily activities, and much more.  Having difficulty with his or her memory can complicate their life even more. For somebody who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years ago, experiencing hearing loss now can be frightening and completely unsettling.

As seniors move through the various stages of Alzheimer’s, they begin to face increasing challenges with their memory. This makes it difficult for them to not only maintain their daily care properly, but to also keep track of what they were doing, the people they recently had a conversation with, and much more.

It can cause a great deal of anxiety, confusion, and frustration and is a common reason why some seniors with Alzheimer’s begin acting verbally or even physically aggressive with those around them.

How hearing loss can make life even more challenging.

Somebody dealing with memory loss may have a difficult time coping with hearing loss on top of that. They may already be stressed and anxious about the situation, especially if they are not comfortable in their environment or don’t completely recognize people around them.

If somebody is trying to talk to them to convey certain information or advice and they can’t hear properly, they may not be inclined to ask for clarification or for that individual to repeat himself or herself. Then, a couple of hours later in the day when they are being asked to complete a task they may have been talked to about previously, they might not have any memory of it because they simply didn’t hear it.

Many people with Alzheimer’s, during the more cogent moments, have a clear understanding about the memory loss and what is happening to them. But if they strain to remember something a person told them several hours earlier and can’t, it can cause frustration and anxiety, even though it isn’t memory related.

That’s why it’s important to encourage seniors with Alzheimer’s to visit their hearing specialist for tests on a regular basis. If there are any potential indications of hearing loss, they should make an appointment and see their doctor immediately. It’s best not to wait because this can create an incredible amount of stress and anxiety for the senior.


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Beth McNeill-Muhs

Beth McNeill-Muhs has been an active member of the East End community since 1998. After graduating from Long Island University in Southampton, Beth began working with some of the Hamptons most prominent living artists and developed affiliations with the communities leading creative arts organizations and institutions, such as the Guild Hall Museum, Parrish Art Museum, Watermill Center and more. After many years in the field of fine art Beth began to understand the importance of art as a tool for healing, as well as an opportunity to engage the mind and transform the way we live and think.

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