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Don’t Rely Only on Social Media to Keep Seniors Safe at Home

Social media is a phenomenon. You have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the list is almost endless. Hundreds of millions of people are connected through social media across the country and around the world. This is one of the primary ways people stay in touch with family and friends. Where it used to be phone calls and, prior to that, letters, today a quick text or message on Facebook, for example, can help many seniors feel connected with their family and friends, no matter where they live or what types of health issues they face.

Senior Home Safety in Amagansett NY: Getting Help in an Emergency

Senior Home Safety in Amagansett NY: Getting Help in an Emergency

When it comes to safety for these seniors, though, social media isn’t the best option.

Safety will not likely improve for anyone through social media. However, because of this over-dependence on social media platforms, a lot of people get in the habit of posting something on their Facebook page, Twitter account, or other social media platform talking about how they feel, that they are experiencing chest pains, or they’ve fallen and can’t call for help.

It may very well be true that an elderly person slipped and fell while holding onto a tablet and there is no way for them to call for help. In that type of situation, social media may be their only option if they can’t reach a phone.

However, because so many people are now using social media as a way to reach out to family and friends, even through direct messaging, they are neglecting the more effective ways to get help on the way when it’s necessary.

Seniors might consider emergency alert devices.

These alert devices could be basically like a bracelet or necklace. If they fall and can’t call for help, they need only press a button and emergency services will be notified. If they take the social media route, type a quick message to their adult child or friend that they are not feeling well, are feeling lightheaded, are experiencing chest pains, or have fallen, there’s no guarantee the message will be received or read promptly.

With the advent of cell phones, their relative low-cost, and ease-of-use, they could also be lifesavers in certain situations. If an elderly person relies on a belt clip or keeps the phone in a pocket, if they fall all they have to do is take it out of their pocket to make a phone call.

They should have all emergency numbers pre-programmed and easy to find in this phone. 911 is always the best bet.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional home care to improve senior home safety in Amagansett, NY, call the caring staff at Artful Home Care today at 631-685-5001.

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Beth McNeill-Muhs

Beth McNeill-Muhs has been an active member of the East End community since 1998. After graduating from Long Island University in Southampton, Beth began working with some of the Hamptons most prominent living artists and developed affiliations with the communities leading creative arts organizations and institutions, such as the Guild Hall Museum, Parrish Art Museum, Watermill Center and more. After many years in the field of fine art Beth began to understand the importance of art as a tool for healing, as well as an opportunity to engage the mind and transform the way we live and think.

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