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Heating Problems and Safety Risks for Seniors in Winter

Senior Home Safety in Queens NY

There are many challenges seniors face throughout the year. During the winter, safety risks for seniors can actually increase for a wide range of reasons. It’s not just the slick conditions that can be prevalent during winter weather, but also issues involving the heating system at home.

Senior Home Safety in Queens NYHere are several heating problems that can actually pose potentially serious safety hazards for elderly and younger adults at home.

Heating Problem #1: Using an alternative heat source.

Sometimes, when a person is tight on funds, they may not be able to pay their home heating bill, refill the home heating oil tank, or pay the gas bill. If this happens, they may be reliant on an alternative heat source.

This could be the stove in the kitchen, a fireplace, running it all the time, or even a kerosene heater. None of these should be relied upon to heat an entire house. In fact, anyone who considers opening the stove in the kitchen to heat the home is putting themselves and others at risk. There is a significant fire hazard in doing this.

Heating Problem #2: Not keeping warm enough.

An elderly person’s immune system is not nearly as strong as it used to be in their younger years. If they are not keeping warm enough, their body is struggling to not just stay warm, but then losing efficiency and fighting off infections, bacteria, germs, and other foreign contaminants.

It’s important that people remain as warm as they need to be in order to stay comfortable. An elderly person may need to put on several layers of clothing or even rely on blankets when they are in certain parts of their house, but they should avoid turning the thermostat down so low that it is almost ineffective.

Heating Problem #3: Weather emergencies.

Blizzards, freezing rain, and other serious winter weather can cause emergencies. This can make it extremely difficult for some individuals to reach their destination. This can include heating repair technicians, home heating oil tanks, and more.

It’s a good idea to make sure any heating system is properly inspected and maintained before the winter season starts, or whenever there is a lull in the winter weather. It’s also important not to let the home heating oil tank run too low.

Heating Problem #4: A broken furnace.

As just mentioned, it’s a good idea not to allow the furnace to go without general maintenance. If an elderly person has not had their heating system inspected or maintained in years, it’s time they contact an HVAC technician to come out and look at it.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care to improve senior home safety in Queens, NY please contact the caring staff at Right at Home at 347-554-8400

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Walter Ochoa

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Walter has worked for some of the top financial service companies holding various positions from Project Management to Compliance Control Specialist. Despite his success, he had always wanted to do something more fulfilling that would give him a greater sense of inner satisfaction. He wanted to assist those who wished to stay in their own homes, but could no longer do it alone, like the elderly and disabled. So when the opportunity arose for him to start his own business, he took it. In 2010, Walter and Jean ventured to open Right at Home of Brooklyn, which services all of New York City.

Walter knows he made the right decision because he saw the need was definitely there. Now Right at Home assists not only the elderly and disabled, but adults of any age that need some assistance or an extra hand to continue living Right at Home”. That conviction, plus his Culture of Care philosophy, makes Right at Home one of the most Care driven Home Care agencies around.

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