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What Can the Aid and Attendance Pension Help Cover?

By Kevin Watkins | Apr 25, 2018

When people hear about the Aid and Attendance Benefit (or pension) made available through the VA, they have a lot of questions. It was designed to provide financial support to soldiers who had been injured and disabled during World War I. In the years since, it has been expanded to provide financial assistance for qualifying…

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Not All Veterans Can Get Around Easily, and Home Care Could Benefit Them

By Stephen Sternbach | Mar 23, 2018

It’s true that when we get older it becomes more difficult to do some of the things we took for granted most of our life. Basic ambulation, or getting around, can become complicated as people age. This is true for veterans and others alike. When aging veterans reach a point in their life when they…

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Home Care Support for Some Aging Veterans Can Possibly Lead to a Stunning Transformation in Their Abilities, Outlook, and Quality of Life!

By Jennifer Benjamin | Mar 22, 2018

Roger served in the Army during the Korean War. He served in a forward combat situation for several months. A couple of his brothers in arms lost their lives and it was a difficult situation for him to return to the United States, overcome what would eventually be known as post-traumatic stress disorder, and begin…

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When It Seems Like No One Cares About an Elderly Veteran, There Are Those Who Do

By Stephen Sternbach | Jan 24, 2018

There are plenty of reasons why people assume veterans, especially elderly veterans, are forgotten. As some of these men and women get older, their family might have moved away, their spouse may have passed away, and their friends can succumb to the natural process of aging as well. They may spend more time alone, ultimately…

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