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3 Ways a Home Care Aide Can Help Seniors Improve Their Memory

Home Care for Seniors in Tarrytown NY

There are many things people can do to improve their health, well-being, and even their memory. For seniors, whether they have been diagnosed with some form of dementia or not, there are Home-Care-for-Seniors-in-Tarrytown-NYnumerous steps they can take to actually help improve and strengthen their memory.

A home care aide can be a great benefit for people of advanced years who have difficulty tending to their own basic care. A home care provider can also offer tremendous emotional support that can be more than enough to encourage seniors to focus on activities and things that can benefit their health.

When it comes to memory related issues, even people diagnosed with some form of dementia can take steps that will improve their long-term prospects and may even delay the onset of more serious aspects of memory loss in the future. A home care aide can help in these efforts and here are three ways they go about doing that:

Offering encouragement.

Sometimes, all it takes for people to focus on their own health and well-being is encouragement of another person. When an elderly individual is living alone, he or she may have a difficult time staying positive and seeing much benefit in various tasks or even eating healthy, getting exercise, or getting the right type of mental stimulation.

An experienced home care aide can offer the right level of encouragement.

Developing strategies.

The more experience a home care aide has, the more likely he or she has a number of strategies that can be beneficial in encouraging the senior to stay mentally sharp and stimulated.

In other words, this home care aide may know a number of games, puzzles, or even other activities that can provide them mental stimulation the senior needs that are also fun.

The ability to do some of these activities with another person.

Seniors might avoid certain activities because there’s no one else to do them with. By relying on a home care aide, seniors will have another person with whom to do a variety of things, including activities that push their mental abilities and provide their brain with valuable exercise.

The brain is a muscle and the more exercise it receives, the more likely it will stay strong and can even improve memory and other functions. An experienced home care aide understands these things that can help the senior stay mentally fit and sharp.

If you or an aging loved one are looking for home care for seniors in Tarrytown, NY, call the friendly staff at The Perfect Home Care at (855) 855-5728.  Call today!

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Geralyn DiGiovanni

Manager of Client Services at The Perfect Home Care, Inc.
Geralyn DiGiovanni has been marketing director of The Perfect Home Care since July, 2013. She’s responsible for promoting the agency by identifying and reaching out to market segments that align with the services offered by The Perfect Home Care. Among others, she works closely with geriatric care managers, elder care attorneys, and assisted living facilities. Her industry-specific experience includes multiple stints as a companion aide for seniors. She also has extensive experience in the publishing industry, where she worked as an account manager. “I love this industry and am passionate about working with seniors,” she says.

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