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Look in the Mirror: Do You Notice Unhealthy Changes? It Could Be Due to Caregiver Stress

Caregiver Stress in Queens NY

When was the last time you actually stood or sat in front of the mirror and studied yourself? We often have a tendency to look in the mirror when putting on makeup, brushing our hair, shaving, and basically getting ready, and while the image that is reflected back continues to get older, we may not pay that close attention to the details.

Caregiver Stress in Queens NY

Caregiver Stress in Queens NY

As a family caregiver, you could be under a tremendous amount of stress and pressure in your life. That stress and anxiety is going to be taking a toll on your physical health. You might feel run down, fatigued, anxious, frustrated, and you may even be dealing with a lot of problems with relationships, your work environment, friendships, and more.

Most of those things may seem external on the surface, but they are certainly impacting you internally as well. Take a moment to look in the mirror. Do you see any changes? Do you notice lines under your eyes that may indicate a lack of sleep? Do parts of your skin seem more drawn back, sagging, or tense?

Does your hair seem unkempt or not as full of life and body as it did only a few months ago?

These could very well be signs of caregiver stress affecting you physically.

There are millions of people going through the same exact situation you are. It’s easy to feel alone, especially in a difficult environment such as this. You may have agreed to take care of an elderly parent, such as your mother, because you thought it was your responsibility. If you even entertain the concept of turning this type of opportunity down, guilt may have overwhelmed you.

Even if this family member only required a little bit of help after a hospital stay, when people have a tendency to rely on assistance performing some basic tasks, doing light housekeeping, getting the laundry done, and more, often have a tendency to begin asking for help with other things as well. This starts to place an inordinate amount of pressure on your time, physical abilities, and other aspects of your life.

It can start interfering with your relationships. It can impact your job. It can cause you to stop taking care of yourself, getting exercise, or eating healthy. It can even cause you to have difficulty sleeping comfortably at night. All of these things will begin affecting your outward appearance.

Your outward appearance can say a lot about what’s going on internally as well. If the reflection you see in the mirror looks unhealthy, it’s time to consider home care services to allow you the opportunity to take better care of yourself, get back to the things that are important in your own life, and avoid unnecessary and certainly unexpected potential major health issues for yourself in the not-too-distant future.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring home care services to reduce caregiver stress in Queens, NY, please contact the caring staff at Kingsbridge Home Healthcare Services. Call today!   347-289-7118

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Danielle Parchment

Danielle Parhment is the Administrator at Kingsbridge Home Healthcare Services. Kingsbridge Home Healthcare Services is a senior care service located in Brooklyn New York. We believe relationship building is our strongest asset and makes the difference in the care we deliver. The owners have been caregivers withing our community for 25+ years and understand the transitional process and support needed by families when searching of home care services.

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