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A Power Lift Recliner Can Help Seniors Stay Safe, but Make Sure You Choose the Right One

There are people who have what is called a power lift recliner, even though they don’t need any assistance getting up from a seated position. While these powered recliners can offer a great deal of convenience, they can be extremely beneficial at keeping seniors safer within the comfort of their home.

It’s important to understand what these things do.

Senior Home Safety in Dix Hills NY: Power Lift Recliners

Senior Home Safety in Dix Hills NY: Power Lift Recliners

Most people understand what a recliner is. What they may not realize, though, is there are many different types, from spring-loaded to simple action release cables, to electric powered varieties.

A basic recliner, the one most people would immediately think about, would require the person sitting in it to reach over to the side, grab the handle, and draw it back. This would release the foot rest and then allow them to “recline” back. With power lift recliners, an individual can simply depress a button and let the motor in the chair do the work. It will casually draw out the foot rest, ease the seatback down, and the better quality lifts may be adjustable to the exact angle that provides the most comfort.

When that individual wishes to get up, if they are in their 70s, 80s, or 90s, for example, and need assistance to do so, they can press the button and the power lift recliner will fold up the foot rest, ease the seatback up, and then begin to rise. If it rises too quickly, it could cause that senior to lose his or her balance and topple forward.

If it doesn’t elevate at the right angle, providing that individual the perfect stance to grab their cane or walker, ease into a wheelchair, or get back up on their feet without too much trouble, it isn’t going to be the ideal power lift recliner.

It’s a good idea to have the senior try out the chair before purchasing or renting it. The last thing anyone needs is to get it in the house and all set up only to discover it is not going to be ideally suited for this person’s specific needs.

There are plenty of ways that family and friends can help improve safety for their loved ones as they get older, and with a power lift recliner, choosing the right one is just as important to safety as relying on any specific device.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care to improve senior home safety in Dix Hills, NY, please contact the caring staff at Family First Home Companions. Serving all of Long Island. Call today: (631) 319-3961

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Jennifer Benjamin

Jennifer Benjamin has a Masters degree in Business Administration, a graduate Certificate in Geriatric Care Management, is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and is co-founder of Family First Home Companions. With a background in human resources and business management she helped to build a company that is founded on professionalism, integrity, compassion and know-how.

Jennifer has specialized training in Alzheimer's disease through the Long Island Alzheimer's Association and the Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation. She also volunteered her time with the Alzheimer's Disease Assistance Center of Long Island for 3 years by providing congnitive stimulations to an Alzheimer's patient group.

Jennifer educates the community about elder care and speaks to caregiver support groups, senior centers, and at professional organizations. Topics include home safety, effective strategies for family caregiving, elder care planning, and awareness about elder abuse.

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