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4 Ideas That Keep Seniors Motivated and Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Brooklyn NY

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Brooklyn NYMotivation is a powerful force in life. Without proper motivation, a senior who had recently been hospitalized may not be inclined to follow doctor’s orders and that reduces the chances that he or she will recover properly. It also increases hospital readmission rates. The federal government is placing increased pressure on hospitals and doctors across the country to reduce those readmission rates, and while they are commonly providing more information and other resources, including support at home, the doctor, the hospital, and even others won’t be able to do anything to improve motivation for somebody who doesn’t see any reason for the effort required.

Trying to encourage an elderly loved one to stay active and motivated during this recovery can be difficult, to say the least. In some situations it can be downright frustrating.

Here are four ideas that may help encourage the senior to focus on his or her health, diet, exercise, taking the prescription medications his or her doctor offered, and make the kind of recovery they should be expected to.

Idea #1: Rely on home care support.

When the senior relies on experienced home care support, that individual would be visiting them at home at the same time every day. This can give the senior something to look forward to. Whether it’s conversation, the possibility of having somebody to physically support them so they can get around the house, or anything else, that can motivate them each day.

Idea #2: Focus on areas of interest.

If the senior has certain activities he or she would wish to pursue or other ideas, focus on those. He or she may be disinclined to even consider them anymore, but if they keep thinking about those things and realize they’re still possible, it can change their motivation.

Idea #3: Have family and friends visit.

When a person is feeling isolated and alone, it can have a negative effect on their motivation. Somebody who feels lonely is going to be much less motivated to do difficult exercises, activities, and other routines for their recovery.

Family and friends might not live close enough to visit, but with modern technology and video communication, a simple call where the senior can actually see their loved ones can be a great motivator.

Idea #4: Track progress.

Track every small detail regarding the progress the senior is making in this recovery. There will be moments in the weeks and months ahead where he or she feels like nothing is getting better, and when they can look at their progress charts, it can provide the motivational lift they need.

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Danielle Parchment

Danielle Parhment is the Administrator at Kingsbridge Home Healthcare Services. Kingsbridge Home Healthcare Services is a senior care service located in Brooklyn New York. We believe relationship building is our strongest asset and makes the difference in the care we deliver. The owners have been caregivers withing our community for 25+ years and understand the transitional process and support needed by families when searching of home care services.

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