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Home Care for Seniors in Massapequa NY: Relying on an Experienced Aide

The Best Option When Somebody Needs Care at Home Is to Rely on Experienced Aides

By Stephen Sternbach | Jul 16, 2018

One of the easiest things to do when someone needs help is to lean on a family member or friend. For example, your car just broke down. You’re on the side of the road. You’re only a couple of miles from home and the thought of paying $100 or more for a tow back to…

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Home Care for Seniors in Dix Hills NY: Considering Support

Ways to Convince an Aging Senior to at Least Consider Home Care Support Services

By Stephen Sternbach | Feb 21, 2018

Some people seem to be stubborn. Perhaps you’ve noticed this with your elderly mother or father or possibly a grandparent, spouse, or sibling. You see the writing on the wall. You know they would be much better off and safer if they just relied on home care services. You’ve done your research. You know about…

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Home Care for Seniors in Greece NY: Conflicts Between Seniors and Caregivers

How to Know If the Home Care Aide or Senior Is ‘Right’

By Kevin Watkins | Jan 26, 2018

There’s been some conflict recently between that senior in your life and a home care aide. You knew that home care was a great option and while it may have taken some time to convince the senior to consider it, you believe it’s been well worth the effort. Right now, though, there is a dispute.…

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Home Care for Seniors in Plainview NY: Adjusting to Home Care

Tips To Help Seniors Adjust to Life with Home Care Aides

By Jennifer Benjamin | Nov 20, 2017

Changes in life happen all the time. Most of the time we don’t anticipate or really want these changes, but we have to roll with them all the same. When people get older, reach their Golden Years, there may come a time when they have difficulty living on their own without physical or even emotional…

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