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Pay Attention to Senior Home Safety and be a Positive Influence for Loved Ones

Senior Home Safety in Brooklyn NY

Senior Home Safety in Brooklyn NYMost people have a desire to ensure that their loved ones are safe. This usually begins when raising children, whether they are their own, younger siblings, or even taking on the role of a caregiver for a friend, or as a job. As the years progressed, though, an elderly family member, such as a parent or grandparent, began struggling with their own basic care and safety. When someone recognizes a potential safety hazard, it’s important to point it out and make sure they are aware of the various risk factors that surround them daily.

By focusing on home safety for the senior, it allows a person to become a positive influence for that elderly individual. It doesn’t matter how close the person is to the senior in terms of a relationship, it’s all about ensuring that the senior is quite aware of his or her surroundings and the various risks that exist, especially as they get older.

March is Optimism Month and for aging individuals it can be increasingly difficult to remain positive and safe, even within the comfort of their own home. That’s where an outside perspective may be incredibly important.

Understanding this situation.

To better understand how home safety can be impacted for seniors and why they may overlook some of those issues, consider taking a good, long, hard look at your own life and personal surroundings.

Most people become accustomed to their own surroundings and physical capabilities. It gets to the point where many of us take things for granted. Walking up and down stairs, for example, may not be given a second thought. Sometimes, there are those who may trip when going up the stairs because they’re rushing or they’re a little too tired. Other times a person can miss a step, their foot can catch the edge, and they could fall down.

Both of these situations can lead to potential injuries, but for seniors whose bones and muscles are not nearly as strong as they used to be, it can be devastating. It can even be devastating if it leads to a broken hip, for example. If that happens, there is a one in four chance the senior will not survive another year.

When looking at things from an optimistic point of view, it means seeing that there are so many things seniors can still do and enjoy in life and keeping them healthy and safe should be a high priority and that is what leads to family members and friends being a positive influence for their loved ones.

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Danielle Parchment

Danielle Parhment is the Administrator at Kingsbridge Home Healthcare Services. Kingsbridge Home Healthcare Services is a senior care service located in Brooklyn New York. We believe relationship building is our strongest asset and makes the difference in the care we deliver. The owners have been caregivers withing our community for 25+ years and understand the transitional process and support needed by families when searching of home care services.

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