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5 Key Things to Know About Financial Support for Veterans Home Care

Veterans Home Care in Brooklyn NY

Veterans Home Care in Brooklyn NYVeterans who may be interested in home care, but who may not be able to afford it, or think they can afford it, may be eligible for certain pensions that can provide financial assistance to pay for it. One of these is known as the Aid and Attendance Benefit.

Here are five key things to know about the Aid and Attendance Benefit that may be used to pay for home care for elderly veterans.

Key Thing #1: It’s not just for the veteran.

One of the stipulations about this particular pension is that it can also provide financial support to surviving widows of veterans who would have otherwise qualified for the benefit themselves. This can be a great asset for those widowed individuals who might require some type of home care as well.

Key Thing #2: It’s not just for seniors.

The Aid and Attendance Benefit is available to veterans of all ages, though there is a significant difference between those 65 and over and those veterans under 65.

A veteran under 65 needs to be permanently disabled and they also need to have been injured and disabled during their active time of service in order to qualify for this particular pension. Seniors 65 and over need to have a limited income and have a specific requirement for home care support.

The most commonly accepted form of proof of the need for home care is in the form of a doctor’s recommendation.

Key Thing #3: Time of service.

Qualifying veterans need to have served 90 days, at a minimum, of continuous military service. At least one of those days needs to have fallen during an active time of combat. This does not mean the veteran needs to have actually fought in a combat situation, but their time of service had to have fallen during one of these times of active combat. They include World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf War.

Key Thing #4: The amount of support will vary.

A single veteran, at the moment, may receive around $1,788 per month. A veteran who is married and/or has independent, may receive $2,120 per month. If two veterans are married to each other and require support in the form of home care, they may be eligible to receive $2,837 per month to be used to help pay for home care.

Key Thing #5: The application process can take a long time.

Due to a backlog in the Veterans Administration, the application process for the Aid and Attendance Benefit can take upwards of nine months and even longer. That’s why it’s so important for elderly veterans to begin the process as soon as they realize home care will be necessary.

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