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Veterans Often Prepare for Disasters, but Are Ill-Equipped as Seniors When They Need Help

Care for Aging Veterans in Jamaica NY

Care for Aging Veterans in Jamaica NY

Many veterans go through a rigorous training when they first sign up for service. They go through boot camp for 10 weeks and not everybody makes it through. Once they get through boot camp their training continues and in many cases can intensify. A lot of these veterans prepare rigorously for all sorts of emergency situations, including but not limited to combat.

However, not many of them are prepared to deal with the physical, emotional, and even mental rigors of disabilities. When any veteran, regardless of age, requires some level of assistance at home, it can feel overwhelming, depressing, and frustrating. It’s important to have the right care and support available at home, but not all veterans can afford it.

It’s important to plan early and properly.

There might have been a sudden accident that resulted in injuries. It may have been a devastating medical emergency that has left the veteran unable to take care of himself or herself. If it is sudden, then nothing they could have planned for would prepare them properly for this situation in life.

In other situations, though, as people get older they will start to realize there are things they simply can no longer do safely and effectively on their own. For these individuals, making plans and discussing what they would like done in the future with their loved ones is important. One of the things to discuss is home care support.

Not many people even think about home care options when they are healthy and able to take care of themselves, but it’s important.

Why home care is an important topic to discuss.

If a person is suddenly incapable of taking care of himself or herself in a safe and healthy manner at home, they may lean on family members. It could be a spouse, a brother or sister, adult children, and even friends and neighbors. The longer that care and support is required and the more intensive it is, the more difficult it’s going to be for all of those loved ones.

Home care may be the best option, but what if that veteran is on a limited income and doesn’t have many assets? If they’re considered a wartime veteran, meaning they served any time during a time of official combat, as defined by Congress, they might want to consider looking into the Aid and Attendance Benefit if they can prove home care is absolutely necessary at this point in their life.

If you or an aging loved one are considering professional home care for an aging veteran in Jamaica, NY, please contact the caring staff at Gentle Hands Home Care LLC. Call today!   347-809-4407.

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Doreen Johnson

I have been the Administrator/Owner of Gentle Hands Home Care since its inception in 2012. I chose to work in this industry because I am passionate and believe strongly in facilitating safe, independent living for the elderly in the privacy of their own home. I love working in the New York area due to the diversity of the population and I personally enjoy the love and passion of being able to care for our Elderly population. It has always been a long term goal for me to provide adequate care, comfort, and companionship for our aging population. My passion, and life experiences provide the backbone for the core objective of Gentle Hands Home Care, which is to provide the best services with caring, experienced, and compassionate caregivers, not because you are a client but because you are family.

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