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What a ‘Virtual Dementia’ Tour Could Offer Those Families Supporting a Loved One

Alzheimer’s Care in Manhattan NY

Do you know what a person diagnosed with dementia goes through on a daily basis? Whether it’s Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, memory loss is often considered the most significant sign and symptom of the disease. However, it’s not the only one.

Alzheimer's Care in Manhattan NY

Alzheimer’s Care in Manhattan NY

Learning to walk in another person’s shoes, seeing life from their perspective, is one of the best ways to offer true empathy and an understanding about the challenges they face, possibly on a daily basis. Virtual dementia tours are becoming more common and popular throughout the country and other nations around the world.

These tours provide family members an opportunity to get a small snippet of understanding about what their loved one may be facing at the moment or what they may endure in the future. The goal of these tours is to encourage people to consider proper care options earlier, rather than assuming they know what’s best.

What many family caregivers assume in those earliest days.

In the days and weeks following diagnosis, many family members assume they can take care of their loved ones without any issue. It might be a spouse or adult child who lives in the same town. Whoever it is, they often overestimate their abilities and possibly underestimate the challenges that senior will face in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

They may also overlook the value of staying active and engaged in life. Maintaining a high quality of life should be the cornerstone of any long-term care discussion. But for somebody diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, for example, what does that mean?

A person may struggle to keep track of certain activities. They may start cooking something on the stove, leave the room to get something, and completely forget they were making anything. This can certainly be a safety hazard.

Some seniors may enjoy going for walks, playing golf, or doing other physical activities, but for some reason while they are still fully physically capable, they are often discouraged from pursuing those things out of safety concerns and other fears.

The more a person can empathize with another individual, their plight, and the challenges they face, the easier it becomes for them to properly support and care for that individual. More importantly than that, when people understand the challenges seniors diagnosed with any form of dementia face, the more likely they begin looking into experienced, professional home care options instead.

That’s because an experienced home care aide can lay the groundwork for a comfortable and quality life ahead.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Alzheimer’s care in Manhattan, NY, please call the caring staff at Right at Home of Brooklyn (347) 554-8400

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Walter Ochoa

Owner & Operator at Right at Home Brooklyn
Walter Ochoa is the owner and operator of Right at Home, which is located in Brooklyn. Walter graduated from the University of the Valley in Guatemala. He met and married his college sweetheart, Jean, who is American. They moved to Brooklyn, where they currently live with their 2 children. They are very involved in the community.

Walter has worked for some of the top financial service companies holding various positions from Project Management to Compliance Control Specialist. Despite his success, he had always wanted to do something more fulfilling that would give him a greater sense of inner satisfaction. He wanted to assist those who wished to stay in their own homes, but could no longer do it alone, like the elderly and disabled. So when the opportunity arose for him to start his own business, he took it. In 2010, Walter and Jean ventured to open Right at Home of Brooklyn, which services all of New York City.

Walter knows he made the right decision because he saw the need was definitely there. Now Right at Home assists not only the elderly and disabled, but adults of any age that need some assistance or an extra hand to continue living Right at Home”. That conviction, plus his Culture of Care philosophy, makes Right at Home one of the most Care driven Home Care agencies around.

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