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You’ve Pushed Yourself to Your Limits, but Caregiver Stress Wins Out: What Can Be Done?

You’ve been going like this for a long time. Maybe it has been several weeks, months, or even years. As a family caregiver, you never thought this type of work was going to be so stressful. You’re overwhelmed, you’re getting angry with people, your health is not like it was, you’re feeling run down, worn out, and completely frustrated.

Caregiver Stress in Southampton NY: Finding Relief

Caregiver Stress in Southampton NY: Finding Relief

You need relief.

A lot of people today overestimate their abilities. They overestimate their own limits. They keep pushing themselves harder and harder, further and further, and then they reach a point when they suddenly can’t take any more. It’s like a person trying to swim across the open ocean. They may feel okay, but their body needs rest.

They keep pushing themselves, they keep lifting their arms, even though they feel like dead weights, and they keep struggling to kick their legs. If they push themselves too far, eventually they will no longer be able to support themselves and will sink below the surface. From there, it is the end unless or somebody with a lifeline is ready to save them.

That’s what caregiver stress can be like.

When a person is caring for an aging or disabled family member, they rarely think about the stress that’s going to occur. They assume that since they have a personal relationship with this individual and that he or she is only going to require a minimal level of support and assistance, that it will be quite simple.

Before long, though, everything begins to change. If you’ve felt that way, if you have pushed yourself well beyond your limits, if you’ve kept assuming things are going to get easier but they’ve only gotten worse, that caregiver stress could be affecting your temper, work life, career, relationships, health, and much more.

What can be done now?

The best thing you can do is realize the value in hiring a home care aide. This doesn’t mean you’re giving up. It doesn’t mean you no longer care. It doesn’t mean you have to hire somebody for full-time, around-the-clock care.

You can hire somebody for a few hours in the mornings. This might give you the time you need to relax, unwind, and get ready for your day. You can hire somebody for the evenings instead. Whatever works best, as long as you sit down and discuss this with that senior or disabled adult who has been relying on you, and when you explain just how stressed out you are, they will likely be inclined to accept outside help.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional home care to reduce caregiver stress in Southampton, NY, call the caring staff at Artful Home Care today at 631-685-5001.

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Beth McNeill-Muhs

Beth McNeill-Muhs has been an active member of the East End community since 1998. After graduating from Long Island University in Southampton, Beth began working with some of the Hamptons most prominent living artists and developed affiliations with the communities leading creative arts organizations and institutions, such as the Guild Hall Museum, Parrish Art Museum, Watermill Center and more. After many years in the field of fine art Beth began to understand the importance of art as a tool for healing, as well as an opportunity to engage the mind and transform the way we live and think.

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